Your sysop, Kc2ugv, welcomes you to:

Welcome to the Solar Pi BBS!

You can connect, and register as a new user, should you choose, via the Flash Terminal provided.

Or, feel free to connect using the telnet client of your choice.

This system is proudly running Mystic BBS Software!

To see how this system is setup, and built, click here. It's mostly a placeholder for now.

These are in testing, and may, or may not work, at any time.

So, after getting the base of the system up and going, I needed to get this thing accesible via AX25. I tried, at first, to load the sound card modem (Direwolf) right on the Pi hosting the BB, but I quickly learned there isn't enough horsepower on the Pi to run a reliable BBS connection and a software modem for AX25.

So, I split off the functions of the TNC to another Pi. I used this script to get me up and running while I had some coffee:

If you use the above script, you'll need to modify the Direwolf config, which is accesible via the Pi's IP, ie http://tncpi.local/index.php, or just ssh'ing into it and modifying /home/pi/direwolf.conf.

After this is completed, you'll need to install the linux-node package. On a Pi, you can do this as such:

sudo apt-get install ax25-tools ax25-clients soundmodem ax25-node telnet

Now, onto the configuration for Linux Node!